The ScotEquine Pilot

Signing up to become a member of the ScotEquine Pilot provides the opportunity for you to play a part in the development of ScotEquine. The ScotEquine Pilot has been created to ensure that the Scottish Government can support and protect Scotland’s horse population.  
The pilot is being developed and released in phases.



What's Next

  • Phase 1

    Sign up and preview - launching at the Royal Highland Show 21 - 24 June 2018

  • Phase 2
    Connect to your horse, verification, ScotEquine card issue and movement recording including the bespoke ScotEquine app

  • Phase 3
    Your horse’s home page, introducing Teams, accommodating those with many horses

What and who is behind the ScotEquine Pilot

The Scottish Equine Database (SED) was created to make it possible to centrally record all the data from horse passports issued in Scotland by the five Scottish Passport Issuing Organisations (PIOs). This passport data is then shared with the UKCED.  However this only provides data for a proportion of all horses that are resident in Scotland. 

Scottish Government recognises that in order to fully support the Scottish equestrian community and related industries, it is essential to know not only how many horses there are in Scotland, but where they are and how they move.

The ScotEquine Pilot focuses on gathering the data in ways that are most convenient for the community.  Ease of use and transparency are of the utmost importance to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data.


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ScotEquine research is managed by SAOS in partnership with the Scottish Government.