19-Mar-21 10:35Cases of EHV-1 respiratory infection confirmed in Scotland.

Please do not call the ScotEquine office but follow ScotEquine or Dick Vet Facebook pages in case of further updates
29-Dec-20 17:50Obviously most of you have already registered but do please share our YouTube channel as our health alerts system will work better for ALL when more horses are registered. Other videos are in preparation to help with other parts of the the ScotEquine system.
10-Nov-20 18:05If you have not already done so, you are invited to please opt-in to the ScotEquine health alerts system testing process. Click for instructions and for how this will benefit your horse
31-Oct-20 20:05Thank you to BHS Scotland for a great feature on ScotEquine and thanks too to the many who signed up this week. We will be printing our 1000th card fairly soon. Any and all help to spread the ScotEquine message is greatly appreciated as, the more horses we know about, the better the system works for everyone
02-Oct-20 21:37Please encourage your friends to register on ScotEquine as the more equines we know about, the better the system works for everyone. As Helene Mauchlen of BHS Scotland said "a truly traceable system ... that brings enormous long term health and welfare gains for equines and people"
11-Sep-20 13:43If you already have your ScotEquine card, you can now upload photographs of vaccination pages from the passport - simply log in to your ScotEquine account, click on the corresponding name on left-hand side and follow the on-screen instructions. We have also rebooted our social media presence so you will find us a bit more active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
31-Aug-20 18:09If you've got one of the first 300 ScotEquine cards we've sent out already, would you be willing to please help spread the word to your horsey friends on social media. All horses residing in Scotland qualify for a ScotEquine card - free of charge meanwhile
27-Apr-19 22:41Your horse's ScotEquine ID card can now be legally used instead of its passport for most day-to-day purposes