Added security for your horse

The ScotEquine Pilot is being developed with the purpose of:

  • performing a full census of equines in Scotland
  • offering traceability and helping disease control by providing real-time health alerts
  • offering a ScotEquine Smart ID card to every Connected equine
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Improving traceability in Scotland

What is ScotEquine?

ScotEquine and the Scottish Equine Database (SED) is operated on behalf of Scottish Ministers by ScotEID. We pass data from the five Scottish Passport Issuing Offices (PIOs) to the UK Central Equine Database (UKCED); and receive and hold data from the UKCED on all equines registered at a UK PIO with a Scottish postcode (providing that PIO has informed UKCED).

Along with this ScotEquine offers a free compliance checker service to all keepers who sign up and Connect to their equines.

Who can register on ScotEquine?

All owners/keepers residing and keeping equines in Scotland can sign-up on ScotEquine and Connect to their horses/ponies. It is free to register, and a ScotEquine card can be requested for each Connected equine.

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Why should I register for ScotEquine?

By registering, you will get #ScotEquineCover, the full benefit of ScotEquine disease (and security) alerts to help keep your horse safe. You may also request a ScotEquine smart ID card, an alternative legal document that can be carried whilst away from home with your equine. The card does not replace the need for an equine passport.

It can be used for certain movements within Scotland in place of the paper passport which can remain at home in a safe location and it boasts convenience as its main bonus.

The ScotEquine Pilot

Signing up to become a member of the ScotEquine Pilot provides the opportunity for you to play a part in the development of ScotEquine. The Scottish Government recognises that in order to fully support the Scottish equestrian community and related industries, it is essential to know not only how many horses there are in Scotland, but where they are and how they move.

The ScotEquine Pilot focuses on gathering the data in ways that are most convenient for the community. Ease of use and transparency are of the utmost importance to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data.

ScotEquine’s goal

ScotEquine’s goal is to work with horse owners, enthusiasts and professionals to ensure that ScotEquine grows and develops for the benefit of the equestrian industry.

The detailed census on which ScotEquine has embarked on will improve compliance, security and health for all of Scotland’s equines. ScotEquine is equally beneficial to stay-at-home horses, ponies and donkeys.

Should there be a case of a contagious disease such as strangles in an area, keepers registered on ScotEquine are notified by SMS text and email. This helps control the movement of equines in affected areas and is crucial in assisting with disease containment measures.