Most of you will have your ScotEquine card(s) by now - if not, please click here to register and Connect to your equines.

However, the cards themselves are not the sole purpose of the ScotEquine project - the main purpose is disease control and animal traceability.

Alerts System

We are developing the ScotEquine alerts system to send out health (and possibly, security) alerts should the need ever arise and we are almost ready to test this. Alerts might be local or national so we'd very much like a few hundred volunteers to optin to receive a small number of TEST alerts over the coming months.

Alerts might be by SMS text message and/or email and all we'd want you to do is to reply to them so that we can assess how quickly we can get the message out.

UPDATE: Testing is largely complete so please note that all users may get real alerts from time to time.

All you need to do

  • send an SMS text message with the word optin to 07874 650131 You will receive confirmation texts
  • If and when you receive an alert SMS or an alert email, please simply reply to it soonest so that we can assess effectiveness

The message itself will make it very clear that it is only a test. Thank you.